Calming Tips And Ideas – Feel Relaxed And Calm In Mind And Body


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If you are tired with the hectic schedule of everyday life then calm yourself with various recipes to feel soothed in mind and body. Whether it’s the tired hands, stressed out mind, worn out body or tired feet, these series of calming tips and ideas are a wonderful way to soothe yourself. You can even remain in your home and follow these easy tips and ideas to simply feel great.

Methods to calm your mind and body

Fragrance can do a lot to the mind and body. So whenever you feel stressed out instead of visiting the spa you can stay at home and follow the calming recipes to feel peaceful and tranquil. You can just sit in your home, turn on some relaxing music and apply some fragrant lotion on your body to feel great.

Following are the calming tips and ideas:

  • Marble foot massage – to soothe your tired feet put blue-colored marbles in a bowl and then fill it with warm water so that it covers your feet. Sprinkle Epsom salts and drops of essential oils. Glide your feet gently along the marbles and feel a soothing sensation after a tired day.
  • Amazing relaxation therapy – instead of darkening your room, you can open the windows so that sunshine can come in. Pour two cups of whole milk, one drop of cream in your bath and three drops of favorite essential oil. Cover your face with a mask and soak in the milky bath to soften your skin. Dry your body with a towel that is soaked in essential oil.
  • Relaxing therapies – if you are suffering from a sore neck, sore shoulders, severe headache or high blood pressure then you can take some deeper and slower breaths at a comfortable rate. With every out-breath let your shoulders drop a little more and take deep breaths as you pronounce the word “re-lax”. At the end of this full relaxation therapy you will feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

Tips for calming your mind and body

The calming tips and ideas truly make you feel special after a day of monotonous routine work. An added advantage of calming tips and ideas is you’ll feel your skin becoming soft and glowing:

  • Soak for 15 minutes in a tub of warm water with ½ cup of sea salt in it.
  • When you feel terribly stressed out, just put your fingers together, apply pressure and breath slowly and concentrate on your breathing.
  • To feel entirely relaxed after a tiring day you can put some lavender oil in an oil burner and then take the vapor to feel soothed and relaxed.

Enjoy these calming tips and ideas to feel relaxed and restored after an exhausting day.

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