Fitness Diets Accompanying Exercise


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Exercise is invaluable for bringing about fitness. However, alongside there is a major role-played by dieting too in order to ensure health and fitness. Exercises if done following the right procedures are immensely effective but provided fitness diets are there to support and enhance their effectiveness. So, fitness exercises and fitness diets go hand in hand.

Whatever be the kind of exercise- swimming, playing games, simple walking or jogging it is to be combined with specialized fitness diets. Special fitness exercises like the traditional Yoga and tai chi have special fitness diets associated with them too. Working out in the gym will also be of little use if a proper diet regime is not adhered to.

Fitness dieting aspects

Foods consumed by us bring in calories while exercising helps burn the excessive calories taken in. Thus, food consumption can also replenish the calories spent by exercising. Now if the food consumed is low in calories then the object of exercising is served while we do not starve for want of food.

However, inclusion of low calorie foods in diet does not mean depletion of the essential nutrients from the diet. Low calorie food implies food, which has less of the high calorie food products called fats. However, there must be the inclusion of muscle building proteins, basic energy giving carbohydrates, maintainers of good health- vitamins and minerals in adequate proportions. This means we should consume plenty of cereals, milk products and other protein foods (fish, meat, eggs, pulses etc.), green leafy vegetables, other vegetables, seasonal fruits and little amount of oil (fat). This will also include sufficient roughage, which is essential for promoting good health. Besides we need to ensure that sufficient amount of water is taken in too for meeting the requirements of the body’s systems.

Thus, fitness diets are a necessary accompaniment of any exercise program. They regulate the calories and nutrient intake and harmonize with the exercise routine to ensure fitness and good health. A healthy and fit body is the dream of us all and the union of fitness diets and exercises helps us in achieving this goal.

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