What Is Meant By Health?


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Health is the state of complete physical, mental and social well being. Thus, being healthy means that you are physically fit, have a progressive outlook and bear social responsibilities and pressures with ease.

Keeping a healthy life cycle depends upon various factors like eating a balanced diet, doing regular exercise, living in a proper shelter and having enough sleep. In addition, good hygiene plays an important role in keeping healthy by reducing chances of infection. We know that if our body or a part of it malfunctions, it is called a disease. Our health is affected not only by our diet and sleep, it is also affected by diseases. These diseases may be water borne, air borne, or food borne infections. These infections may be due to some pathogen or germ like bacteria, fungi or protozoan which enters our body due to unhygienic food habits.

Besides unhygienic food habits, these unhygienic conditions may be present in our social and physical environment too. If there are heaps of garbage and trash littered everywhere or if there is water lying stagnant around where we live, the possibility of poor health increases. This means that both personal as well as public cleanliness are essential for individual health.

Regular exercise keeps us fit and our body weight under control. It can be in many forms such as cycling, jogging, aerobics, yoga, or any sport activity.

Relaxation and sleep are as important as exercise. They help in relaxing and recharging our body and also reduce stress. One should have regular sleeping hours. We can relax ourselves by doing things which are of interest like listening to music, playing a game, strolling, or reading a book.

We need food to live and good, healthy, nutritional food produces energy, both physical and mental, for our bodies. This helps give our mind and bodies the energy to exercise, which is an essential element of health.

Last but not the least, we cannot ignore mental peace and happiness. These are the two strong pillars of good health. If we mistreat each other or are afraid of each other, we can not remain happy or healthy. Social equality and harmonious relationship among people contribute a lot in individual health.

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