Pimples and Cure


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Pimples give you a sense of distress. Picking the pimple will lead to irritation and soon your face will have a big red blotch. Instead of doing this, just drink 6-8 glasses of water each day. Washing your face twice a day will keep your face fresh. You should not cleanse your face more than three times a day because the face will become dry and irritated. Do not let your face become too oily. Every two hours apply ice cubes on your pimples for 30 seconds to one minute as this will make your pimples less visible and reduce the redness too.

You should enjoy a well balanced diet. Eat less fast food and milk and avoid having oily food items. Instead, eat more vegetables and healthy foods. You can use a medicated cream if you have lot of pimples. Dandruff is also a reason for pimples, so keeping your hair clean will prevent from developing pimples. Changing your pillows at least once a weak will reduce dandruff because oil and dirt gather on them which increases your dandruff.

Many options are available to cure pimples. It is important that you are aware of your skin type before applying any cream or before undertaking any treatment for pimples. Consult a homeopath who is a natural health expert and know about your skin. Applying toothpaste, tea tree oil or a mixtures of salt and lemon juice to your zit will help reduce it’s size. This will not apply to everyone, so don’t take the risk and consult with your doctor before trying any of these remedies.

People with sensitive skin only have to wash their face once a night with warm water. Picking and squeezing the pimples will never cure them instead it will increase your pimples. This is because the bacteria will spread whilst you pick or squeeze your pimple. Over moisturizing the skin should be avoided for people with pimples. Those people should only use the lightest available moisturizer. To help clear the pores try using a mud mask once a week.

What not to do with Pimples:

– Don’t do anything too drastic to dry out your delicate facial skin.

– Don’t ever scratch your pimple; this can result in pock-marks, scarring and infection.

– Don’t touch your face as this might increase the build up of that contributes to acne.

– Don’t use accutane for cystic acne. Be aware of possible side effects and never use if pregnant.

Vitamin A and D deficiency is the main reason for bad skin. Try eating cod liver oil, halibut liver oil, and shark liver oil as these all contain essential vitamins. There is a toxicity level for vitamin A, so do not exceed the recommended dose and be careful while taking this vitamin.

Try these remedies and watch your skin look better in weeks. Old scars may even disappear. The main thing is that you don’t get discouraged and stick with your new routine, it really will work.

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