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In the fast paced and stressful life of today how to keep fit is the one question in the minds of thousands of office goers, factory workers and other Professionals. With packed schedules, nine to five job requirements and impossible deadlines to beat, the modern men and women have little time to devote to their fitness. People don’t have time to schedule going to the gym or playing games and sports in their daily routines and it is a well documented fact that due to lack of exercise diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, ailments related to the heart and lungs such as angina and asthma, have reached astoundingly dangerous proportions.  It is with this in mind that fitness experts have homed on to, and are propagating, the enormous advantages of plain and simple walking as a form of a complete exercise both for the body and the mind.

Brisk Walking has been widely accepted as a form of Cardio vascular exercise. As an added benefit there no negative after affects of this form of exercising. Rarely does anyone sustain injuries due to walking and almost anyone, even those suffering from ailments, is able to pursue this type of exercise. As well as being a sport not requiring any equipment or specialized place or guidance from an instructor, walking can be easily fitted into the busiest of schedules. A brisk walk to your place of work, getting off a block before reaching your destination and walking the rest of the way and a quick morning walk or even a stroll after dinner, if done regularly, contributes to enhancing a person’s fitness. While at work, taking the steps rather than the elevator, walking while dictating or thinking in the office, are some examples easily followed even for the busiest of people.

Walking as a form of exercising is slowly gaining popularity in metropolitan cities all over the World. Walking clubs akin to car pools are popular in a lot of cities today and more and more people of all age groups are joining up. These clubs as well as encouraging the walking habit amongst people, also highlight the miraculous advantages of this sport. They organize Walkathalons on weekends as family events and encourage families to walk rather than ride or use conveyances. The government, in order to reduce the number of vehicles on the road and the resultant negatives on the environment and health, has started its own campaigns in a number of countries to popularize Walking. A brisk walk burns up calories besides toning up the body and keeping all its important organs in good shape. One of the other important advantages of walking is its role as a Stress Buster. It is, as people say, a way of getting away from the entire stressful daily schedule and works as an antidote to stress. Walking with head phones listening to soft music has caught the fancy of even the younger generation and works like a soothing therapy for the mind. Walking is a way to a healthy youm, so why not start right away.

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