Watch Your Back


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Nearly all of us strain our back every day. It may be due to a wrong sitting or sleeping posture, a wrong way of lifting things or it may some jerk or injury. Over the years, your back bears all of this and then eventually it starts giving these problems back to you in the form of back ache. The severity of the pain may vary from person to person. The good part is that you can do a lot to maintain a healthy back.

1. While carrying things in your hands, don’t carry too much, and secondly, hold the bags close to your body with the weights distributed evenly in each hand. A heavy shoulder bag can harm your back. The weight should be no more than ten percent of your body weight.

2. Sit on a chair which supports your back and where you are able to put your feet on the floor. If you don’t have any choice of the type of chair you use, then place a small pillow next to the small of the back. Don’t sit in the same position for a long time. Keep changing your positions so that no one set of muscles is forced to support your weight for long.

3. Long car drives can harm your back. Follow some simple steps to relax your back. Slow down when roads get rough, any big jerk may cause a problem. Take a break to stretch your body every hour. Before unloading the luggage, let your fatigued muscles rest for a while.

4. Sleep on a hard bed with a firm mattress. Change the mattress as soon it loses its firmness. When you sleep, lie on your side or your back. Never lie on your stomach because it makes your back to bend, creating pressure on your lower spine.

5. A large number of back problems are due to people being overweight. If your back is carrying more weight than what it can, after some time it might start giving you problems.

6. Exercise can be both beneficial and harmful to your back. No single exercise is for everyone, so check with your doctor before you start one or if you continue to have pain. Exercise slowly at first and there should be no jerks at all. If you do weights, lift lighter weights with more repetitions.

7. The major contributing factor of back ache is stress. Give your back a break and do some relaxation techniques, like meditation and deep breathing etc. These activities do wonders, not only for your back, but also for your overall health.

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